How it Works

Step 1

Meet & Discuss

The choice is yours; we can meet up one-on-one and discuss your goals and budget in person, chat over the phone, or we can do it old school, via email.

I'll send you a basic questionnaire that will help you think a little more proactively about your needs and goals, and in turn, give me a better understanding of what your needs are.

Step 2

Agree & Proceed

Once we have your budget and goals determined and outlined, we'll agree upon the details of your project; deadlines, expectations, and timelines. I will send you my proposal for you to evaluate and sign, agreeing to what I am offering. Once that is signed, I can begin the production process.

Step 3

Create & Produce

This is where things get fun! You get to choose how much or how little you would like to be involved. Some clients want to be involved in every aspect, while others simply like to sit back, and "let the magic happen", as they say. 

Just be prepared to help pick out stylistic components and the occasional Typeface or two.

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