Terms & Conditions

We sincerely look forward to working with you on your design project. Please take time to read through my Terms and Conditions. You should be empowered in all professional matters and understand them clearly prior to beginning our working relationship together.

*Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice

Client Responsibilities

  • Prior to any design project, clients must answer our New Client Questionnaire completely. The questionnaire form is HERE. We built this questionnaire to not only help us in terms of understanding and determining the creative direction of the project but also to help guide you in the creative process by asking questions you may not have thought about prior.​

  • As the client, you agree to send over all content that you want to include in your design. This includes text, images/graphics, and other information as needed. These elements (text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork) which you will provide must be your property or must be a property that is used with prior permission. Auggie Web shall not be held liable for any copyright infringement issues that may arise from the client’s misuse of copyrighted property.

  • The client will pay a 50% downpayment to confirm the project, which also indicates that the client has read and agrees to our Terms & Conditions. The remaining balance will be due when the website is ready to be launched.  If the client wishes to add additional pages, content, or even new functionality, the client will be charged depending on the amount of work involved and the deadline will be adjusted accordingly.


  • There will be a late fee of $50 added to your invoice for every week that it goes unpaid beyond its due date. This is totally avoidable by paying your invoice on time, OR by communicating with us and letting us know that you need an extension. We're EXTREMELY reasonable, but please, do not make us chase you down for payment.

  • As the client, you agree to give prompt, clear, and helpful feedback throughout the design process.


  • If you are relying on stock imagery, We highly recommend searching UnSplash.com. They provide an incredible library of royalty-free images.

Design Process Policies

  • After you have completed the New Client Questionnaire, we will arrange a meeting either in person, over the phone, or thru a skype/google conference. Once we have spoken and determined your project specifics, we will send you a project proposal that clearly outlines the specifics and costs of your project. You will need to sign and date this proposal, then return it to us. Once it is returned we will send you an invoice for the down payment. Upon signing the project proposal, you are agreeing to not only our proposed plan and costs but also to our terms and conditions.

  • For website design, clients must submit the complete and final copy and images before the design work can start, unless paying for copy and content development.​​

  • As the client, you agree to thoroughly review the designs, provide detailed feedback, and sign-off approval in a timely manner.

  • Requests for additional drafts and versions will be charged depending on the amount of work involved.

  • Once you, the client, give your approval on a design, the design is considered FINAL. Any changes made to the design after the site goes live will be subject to hourly charges or credited toward your given revisions outlined in your project proposal.

  • For websites, we will be applying all current SEO practices for organic growth. If you wish to pursue more aggressive forms of marketing and SEO, let us know and we can get you a quote.​

  • Once you sign off on the website and express that it is ready for launching, the website is considered final. Any changes requested after this will result in hourly charges.


  • Once you sign off on the design project, it will be considered final. Any changes requested after this will be charged our hourly rate.


After-Sales & Refund Policy

  • In the event that you decide to edit or update your design project or website after completion, note that Auggie Web will not be held responsible for any website/coding/design damages incurred by the client or agent of the client. If you need Auggie Web to do any repairs or corrections, these will be assessed at an hourly rate.

  • Auggie Web is not required to keep a copy of all files used on the project once it's completed. Neither are we required to provide any native source files that we used in making them unless previously agreed upon.  An additional fee will be charged if you wish to obtain the source files.

  • Important note: Please be informed that any requests for updates or changes after a website or graphic design project are finished are welcome; however, you will be billed our hourly rate based on our assessment of the work needed to complete your request. We will give you an estimate to consider before completing edits. Please only send these types of requests via email.


  • Because our work involves the creation of purely graphic and digital material, NO REFUNDS are available for any reason.

  • In the event that you are not satisfied with the design options presented, you agree to pay us in full for all of the work that we produced until that point. You may either cancel your project or continue to commission me to make further design revisions at our hourly rates.

  • As with any working relationship, mutual respect is essential. In the unlikely event that the client becomes uncooperative, offensive, or disrespectful, we retain the right to terminate the project.


Communication Policy

  • All communication between Auggie Web, and the client is preferred to be done via email, website submission form, or video chat (by appointment). While we don't mind phone conversations, we do not take calls while driving, or while working. We value you and your requests, but we also value our production time and the importance of distraction-free workflow.​


  • We do our absolute best to respond quickly and efficiently to all forms of communication, but as a creative, we sometimes get wrapped up in our work.  We promise to return your correspondence within a two (2) business day time period. If it is a time-sensitive matter, please indicate that clearly and feel free to leave us a voice message.

  • In the event that we do not hear from you within thirty (30) days, your project will be bumped to accommodate new client projects. If we do not hear from you within sixty (60) days, your project will be forfeited without notice, with no refunds available.  If you wish to revive the project you will be charged the prevailing price and will have to make another downpayment to confirm the project.


Credits & Promotion

  • ​Designer retains the right to reproduce, publish and display the work in the Designer’s portfolios and websites, in galleries, design periodicals, and other media or exhibits for the purposes of recognition of creative excellence or professional advancement, and to be credited with authorship of the work in connection with such uses.